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The DNA Activation (or "Life Activation") is a powerful modality that enables you to access your potential in life and allows you to see and progress in your journey of growth.

As a prerequisite to the Empower Thyself Program, this time-tested method has inspired people to move past barriers and achieve breakthroughs in their daily lives. It infuses your body with pure Light, making its way through blocks, issues, and weaknesses that we may not even be aware of. It's the first step to becoming who we truly are.

Originally performed on the Egyptian High Priests and Priestesses, this technique has been handed down over thousands of years within the King Solomon Lineage.

Some of the benefits of having the 22-Strand DNA Activation are:

Enables you to bring in and hold more Light in your physical body.Empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities.Gives you more energy and clarity.Strengthens your immune system.Assists in releasing of unconscious patterns.Increases your ability to use more of your brain.Facilitates clearing of family and genetic karmic patterns.

What is your Life Purpose...?